President of the Kyrgyz Republic

Born in September 17, 1956 in the village of Arashan Alamudun district of Chui oblast.

In 1980 He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Management with a degree in engineering and economics, production management organizer.

In 1999 He was awarded the medal "Dank", and in 2007 - the Order "Danaker". It has a class rank of counselor of the State Civil Service 1st class.

He began his career in 1980 as an engineer of the Ministry of Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic.

1981-1983 - Chief Engineer DEU number 4

1983-1987 worked in various positions in the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Kirghiz SSR

1987-1989 Deputy Chairman of the Pervomaisky district executive committee

1989-1997 Director of the Scientific-production company "Forum"

1997-1999 General Director of JSC "Kyrgyzavtomash"

1999-2004 Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Industrial Group "Forum"

2004-2005,. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation "Kyrgyzavtomash"

2005-2006 Minister, Minister of Economic Development, Industry and Trade of the Kyrgyz Republic

2006-2007,. - The Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic

2007 to April 2010. - Actively involved in socio-political activities

From April to June 2010 - First Deputy Chairman of the Provisional Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

November - December 2010 - Deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, the leader of the Social Democratic Party faction

December 20, 2010 - Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic

October 30, 2011 President of the Kyrgyz Republic

December 1, 2011 has officially become the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.