TURSUNBEKOV Chynybay Akunovich
Speaker of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic
Born October 15, 1960 in the village of Jean-Bulak Naryn area Naryn oblast.

Higher education. In 1983 he graduated with honors from the philological faculty of the Kyrgyz State University. 1985-1988 gg. - Post-graduate studies at the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic. In 1988 he defended his thesis and received the degree of candidate of philological sciences.

In 2004 he graduated from the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He began his career in 1983, editor, senior editor of the political literature of the editorial board of the publishing house "Kyrgyzstan".

From 1989 to 1992 - Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Journalism of the Kyrgyz National State University.

From 1993 to 1994 - INR representative of the Kyrgyz Republic in Turkey.

1995-1997 years - Kyrgyzstan TICA specialist in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Director of "Manas epics" at the State Committee "Manas-1000", the correspondent of Radio "Liberty" in Turkey.

From 1997 to 2010 - General Director of "Akun";
- General Director of JSC "Bishkek Flour Mill";
- Chairman of the Board of JSC "Kerege";
- President of the Union of Entrepreneurs of the Kyrgyz Republic;
- Co-chairman of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Business Council of DEIK;

2010-2015, - the deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh of the V convocation, leader of the parliamentary faction of the Social Democratic Party in the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic;

From 2015 to present - deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh of the VI convocation, leader of the parliamentary faction of the Social Democratic Party in the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, the majority leader of the Coalition of the Jogorku Kenesh;

Married, father of three children.

• in 1999, is recognized as "The best businessman of the year";
• In 2000, Presidential Decree awarded the Diploma of the Kyrgyz Republic;
• in 2003 for special merits in development of economy of Presidential Decree of Kyrgyzstan was awarded the medal "Dank";

Additional Information:
• Candidate of Philology
• Winner of the XIV World Festival of young poets in Pitsunda (1989.).
• Member of the Union of Soviet Writers and the Union of Journalists
• Academician of the Academy Chyngyz Aitmatov
• The author of three books of poetry "Zhүrөktөgү zhaңyryk" (1985.), "Shaarda zhogolgon soz" (1991.), "Zhalyn Too" (2014.);
• Founder and translator illustrated, which was released in three languages ​​on the album epic "Manas".
• translated into Kyrgyz language novel Turkish writer Nihat Atsyz "Death to the gray wolf," two volumes of "Literature of the Turkic world."
• Author of literary and critical articles published in various periodicals.