Dear visitor,
the Embassy kindly requests to read carefully the information regarding the rules of issuing visas of the Kyrgyz Republic before taking appointment and interviewing.

General information
The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Geneva covers consular district including Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal Malta, and Liechtenstein.
Visas can be issued for citizens of the mentioned above countries.
Visa application forms and other necessary documents should be presented personally in the premises of the Embassy (avenue Blanc 51 1202 3rd floor Genève, Confédération suisse).
Type of visa can not be changed on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic except investment visa «I».
Only the following categories of visas can be extended on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic:
- Diplomatic «D»;
- Service «O»;
- Labour «W1» and «W2»;
- Student «S»;
- Private «Р2»;
- Family «F».

Only inviting organization / person can apply for visa extending.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Department of Consular Service or regional representation office) issue exit visas (type «L») to foreign nationals who violated terms and rules of stay at the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic valid for 10 (ten) days.

Appointment for interviewing can be obtained by sending an e-mail to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Standard period of consideration and issuing visas is 7 working days.

General requirements
• documents for a visa can be presented only during personal interviewing;
• term of passport’s validity should be not less than 180 days after expiry date of an issued visa (end date of stay);
• visa application forms of applicants who are less than 18 years should be signed by their parents or a legal representative. In this case birth certificate and passport of a parent / legal representative signed are required;
• a visa application form should be presented in two original copies (a photocopy is not accepted);
• all documents (passports, IDs etc.) should be presented in original and copy;
• a photograph must be well glued to a visa application form with no clips or stapler;
• a passport must have signature of a bearer;
• signatures in passport and visa application form must coincide;
• it’s not allowed signing a visa application form by other persons than applicant;
• purpose of visit should be described in details: full official name of an event / arrangement, its dates, name of organizator. If an applicant visits Kyrgyzstan in framework of agreements, projects etc. their full names are also required; indicating just words “official mission” and etc. will not be accepted;
• a Note Verbale / letter by a sending organization should indicate full name of an applicant, his/her citizenship, exact and detailed purpose of visit in brief, full official name of an inviting organization, exact terms of visiting Kyrgyzstan, number of passport / UNLP, dates of issuing and expiry;
• terms of visit in a Note Verbale / letter must coincide with terms indicated in a visa application form;
• a Note Verbale / letter of invitation by a receiving organization must indicate full name of an applicant, his/her citizenship, exact and detailed purpose of visit in brief, full official name of an inviting organization, exact terms of visiting Kyrgyzstan, number of passport / UNLP;

• please type and print a visa application form.



Persons under 18 (alone or accompanied only by one parent) can leave the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic only if they have a notarized letter of consent from their parents (or second parent).

If the letter of consent has been notarized by a Swiss notary officer or notary officer of other foreign state, it must be apostilled or legalized (consular legalization is required if the country is not a party of the Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents) and translated into Kyrgyz or Russian.


Opening hours

Documents can be presented on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday since 10.00 to 12.00.

Documents can be taken on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday since 10.00 to 18.00.


Required documents depending on purpose of visit

Diplomatic visa «D»
Service visa «O»
Investment visa «I»
Employment visa «W1»
Employment «W2»
Student visa «S»
Business visa «B»
Driver visa «T»
Private visa «P1»
Private visa «P2»
Private visa «P3»
Touristic visa «TS»
Religious visa «R»
Family visa «F»
Transit visa «TR»



Visa application form

Visa application form_Private visa